Our portfolio covers all the RF components used in the design of LNAs, high linear PAs, high efficiency PAs, FE modules, zero IF receivers & transmitters including RF amplifiers, LO buffers, active and passive mixers, doublers and triplers.


Power Detector 24GHz to 44GHz
The WEA2244PD45 is a microwave signal envelope detector. It is capable of detecting signals in the range of -15dBm to 0dBm with an accuracy of less than 1.8dB and produces a voltage proportional to the received signal power. The maximum output voltage is 1.2V. It consists of 2 parts, the RF part and the Analog processing part. The Detector is ideal for detecting the envelope of modulated signals in the frequency range from 24GHz to 44GHz. The input range can be extended with variable attenuator.

RF Broadband, Low noise, Low power
Supply Voltage 1.8V, Output Voltage 1.2V
Quiescent Current: 200uA
Leakage Current: 120nA
Input frequency: 24 GHz to 44 GHz
Dynamic Range -15 dBm to 0 dBm
1MHz baseband bandwidth
Performance over temperature -40C to 140C
<1dB absolute accuracy at high power
<2.0 dB absolute accuracy at low power
8us settling time

Microwave Backhaul
5G and mm-Wave Wireless Infrastructure
Satellite Communications


Power Detector


Power Detector