Foundation IP

The use of foundation IP is essential for delivering fast complex designs. weasic offers a vast variety of Foundation IP consisting of Bias/Analog, RF, Mixed Signal, PLL and Digital IP libraries, optimized for power, performance and area.


Our portfolio comprises a variety of silicon proven Band Gap References, Voltage Regulators, Current DACs, Temperature Sensors, Negative Voltage Generators, Power Supply Kill Switches and Op-Amps. All products are optimized for SOC integration in a range of application providing high performance and low power solutions in leading foundry processes from 45nm to 22nm SOI.


Our portfolio covers all the RF components used in the design of LNAs, high linear PAs, high efficiency PAs, FE modules, zero IF receivers & transmitters including RF amplifiers, LO buffers, active and passive mixers, doublers and triplers.

Mixed Signal

Our portfolio includes silicon proven Power On Reset, Bias DAC, Clock Generator, Comparator, Levels Shifters of multiple levels in leading foundry processes from 45nm to 22nm.


Our portfolio includes silicon proven Prescaler families, 1st/2nd/3rd order MASH, Charge Pump, Programmable Loop Filter, VCO with auto calibration, Phase Detector in leading foundry processes from 45nm to 22nm.


We offer a vast variety of silicon proven SPI that are based on Weasic’s unique standard cells. Moreover, we offer custom made IO for every possible package solution including Crystal Oscillator and LVDS receivers.