Complex IP

weasic team designs and delivers Complex silicon IP such as Synthesizers, mmWave Transceivers & Front-End Modules and high speed analog to digital and digital to analog Converters. Our designs are based on silicon proven IP portfolio and the extensive knowledge and experience of the company founders.


Our Portfolio comprises a variety of integrated Synthesizers including Integer-N and Fractional-N PLLs with high performance regarding phase noise, jitter, spurius and integration, suitable for a variety of applications like backhaul communications, 5G mobile applications, automotive radars and medical applications. weasic’s silicon proven Synthesizers support frequencies ranging from 8GHz up to 16GHz fabricated in cutting edge SOI and SiGe BiCMOS processes.

mmWave Front-Ends

weasic RF and mmWave Front-Ends cover a wide range of applications with frequencies ranging from 1GHz up to 170GHz. With our longstanding experience we are able to provide the best performing transceivers and RF amplifiers for a variety of applications. weasic IP protfolio includes silicon proven transceivers fabricated in the state of the art 45nm, 22nm SOI and 60nm SiGe processes and can be easily ported and customized to serve the development of transceivers for 5G communications, SatCom, Mobile Backhaul, RADAR sensors and 802.11.* applications.

High Speed Converters

Our data conversion IP portfolio consists of ADC/DAC converters suitable for accurate DC sensing/setting, as well as sampling/generating broadband baseband signals.